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  • 103″ x 55″ x 74″
  • 48V AC Induction motor drive system
  • Lithium Battery
  • 9-inch touchscreen with Speedometer display ,back-up camera ,Stereo system ,Bluetooth connection ……
  • Luxury 2 Tone Seats*
  • Decorative Strip
  • Colored Decorative Wheel Trim
  • Dashboard with color-matching cupholder insert
  • Luxury Steering Wheel
  • Extended roof and flip flop rear seat kits
  • Plastic rear seat kit with trunk & cup holders
  • Rearview Mirror
  • Horn
  • USB  Charging Ports
  • 400A EVOLUTION controller
  • 6.3kw motor

Denago is the best in its class, outperforming any other major brand.

This is a combination of a top-of-the-line Motor, Batteries, Controller, and Drivetrain with the best Golf Cart Bodies out there.

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Body Color: SeastormSeat Color: Black on Black
Carbon Frame: Navitas Steel Frame Drive:
Rear Wheel Drive Lift: 6" with Offset Rear Wheels
Wheels: 14"
Tires: 23"
Controller: Navitas 600 Amp
Motor: Navitas 5KW AC
Roof: 80"
Extended Roof
Headlights: LED with Turn Signals
Width: 54"
Height: 80"
Length: 110"

Why Upgrade your Golf Cart to Lithium Batteries?
Lithium Batteries are one of the best choices you can make when getting a new golf cart.

They last 4 times longer than standard Lead Acid Batteries, charge twice as fast, have twice the power, they're half the weight, AND they're require ZERO maintenance.

These batteries are back by an 8-Year Warranty because of how long they last.

If you're planning on keeping your cart for more than a couple years, or if you don't like monthly maintenance, this is the choice for you.


Because we sell the best carts. When you're cruising around on one of our carts, you'll be the envy of the neighborhood. Not only do our carts look bad-ass, we've packed in the best electric motor on the market to give you the most speed and range out of your batteries.


There's tons of reasons to choose an electric golf cart than just performance. -No oil changes, no spark plugs and less overall maintenance. The average electric golf cart has less than 50 moving parts, compared to gas carts having over 1,000, which means less parts to break and to repair over time. -They're cheaper and quieter to run. Electric Carts won't stink up your garage with gas and oil.
What People Say


I would just like to thank Anthony and his team at Coastal Carts for working with our family to customize our cart to meet our needs. Anthony took time out of his day to come adjust our garage door to ensure the proper height was available prior to delivery. Our kids enjoyed touring the neighborhood on Thanksgiving and looking forward to the Spring. We highly recommend Coastal Carts both quality and customer service.
Cecchini Family